Oprah Shows Off The View She Wakes Up To In Montecito, California, It Is Stunning!

Oprah shares one of the things she loves most about living in Montecito, CA — the sunrise. On this particular morning on December 22, Oprah shared with her followers the breathtaking sight from her Santa Barbara County home.

She simply states this as she films the spectacular view,

“This is joy in the morning… The moon’s going down, sun’s coming up. ”

While Oprah is continuing to pan the camera to the view around the estate, a rooster is heard in the background. To this, Oprah states that it is her neighbor’s rooster.

One comment by Instagrammer, jolenechicago, put it best, as she responded with,

“What a beautiful post ✨ Thank you, @oprah and Happy New Year ✨”

Here is the gorgeous view that Oprah shared on Instagram,

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