Freddie From BuzzFeed’s LADYLIKE Tried Tracee Ellis Ross’s Morning Routine And It Was Hilarious!

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Tracee Ellis Ross is absolutely gorgeous and so down to earth, at least from our perspective. She is intelligent, earning a degree from Brown University with a Theatre degree and worked as an editor for New York magazines in the fashion industry. As an actor, she is best known for her roles in “Girlfriends” and currently on “Blackish.” She is also the daughter of famed Motown hitmaker Diana Ross. She is influential and a trendsetter, which is one of the reasons why Freddie, from BuzzFeed’s LADYLIKE, admires her so much.

LADYLIKE decided to take Tracee Ellis Ross’s morning routine and try it out. Since Freddie loves her so much, she was the perfect candidate. Here is her experience trying it out, enjoy, and see if you could keep up!

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