Here’s The Real Way To Give Yourself The Best Pedicure Ever!

A lot of times in beauty many women leave out crucial steps or pertinent details when they are trying to shield the public from their real nitty gritty routines. With the emergence of social media, and the tendency for people to callout half truths, influencers have started to become blatantly honest about all the details of their routines. The realer they are, the more followers and views they seem to get.

One influencer, Alexandra, the creator of the YouTube channel AlexandrasGirlyTalk, got pretty real with her pedicure, when she showed her hair removal technique and yellow discolored toenails prior to her DIY pedicure demonstration. See, beauty is not always pretty, which is one of the reasons why we came up with UnPretty and made it a phenomenon. There are so many ways to view beauty and the process it takes to get there. But for us, the most important step is accepting loving yourself. From there, everything else takes flight, but without it, you will never be good enough. So accepting the real, unfiltered versions of ourselves is one of the best ways to come to terms with your own natural and true beauty.

To get beautiful feet without forking over money to a salon or risking foot fungus, try Alexandra’s DIY pedicure right at home. Watch her step-by-step video below!

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