She Found Her Photo Posted Under ‘The Ugliest Woman In The World’ Title, This Was Her Perfect Reaction

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There is a saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Well that saying is partially right, that is if you are talking about true physical harm. But if you are talking about emotional or spiritual harm, this statement is absolutely incorrect. In fact, there are many studies around that say emotional pain can show up in very physical ways.

So when someone tells you to ignore bullies or take no notice to ill words, they are actually turning a blind eye to a real issue that can create pain in more ways than one. One woman, knows this fact very well. She has had to overcome a lifetime of negative comments, reactions, blatant disregard and unwelcomed stares based on one thing, her physical appearance. Since she was born, the doctors who delivered her tried to prepare her parents for the worst. They asserted that her physical appearance would affect the capacity of love her parents could have for her.

Later in life, at 17, she was confronted with the same thing but on a much more monumental scale. She found her image next to the title “The Ugliest Woman In The World.” The media was in the form of a video, and it was on YouTube, the number one most watched video site online. There were over four million views, and thousands of comments. Allure Magazine interviewed the young woman, Lizzie Velasquez, years later, to ask her about her experience. Watch her reaction in the video below.

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