The Beauty Industry Has A Secret Watchdog, And They Aren’t Backing Down Anytime Soon

In this digital age, the anonymity of social media accounts is rampant. You only need a name and email address to create an account, and they are not required to be real. Nowadays, anyone could be behind any account, unless it is verified. Even then, a shell company or person could be managing the account and the real true identity is unknown. This is definitely the case for a well known beauty watchdog account that seemed to come out of nowhere. The Instagram account has become a force to be reckoned with, in fact, it singlehandedly made enough noise to get the major brand Fenty Beauty to pull an entire product line from the shelves. Estée Laundry’s posts have created quite a roar among industry professionals and has become a reputable whistleblower within the beauty industry.

No one knew anything about the people behind the account until Refinery29 had the chance to get some real answers. From there, the account skyrocketed. This year, R29 named the account influencer of the year.

The account has called out Rhianna for her beauty line Fenty. They claimed that the entrepreneur took cultural appropriation to a new level by calling her line “Geisha Chic.” The result of the backlash caused the company to pull the line.

They also took time to criticize Kim Kardashian for her line of shapewear. She originally named it Kimono, but then pulled the name completely after social media backlash.

With all of this back and forth within the industry, is all this worth it? Well, a lot of the comments are raw and unfiltered, and according to Elle Magazine, they are needed to help companies take their own “moral temperature.” But they should not be taken at face value. Sometimes, consumers get it wrong, but the most important aspect to take away from this “callout culture” is to know that consumers want to be heard. They don’t want to feel like they are out on an island, plus the more they are ignored the louder they get. With the drama that results from the callout culture, media gets involved. Here we are talking about this, in addition to every other beauty publication. The bottomline, there is finally a checks and balances in place, but it is crucial that the mob is even checked at times as well.

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