The Color This Season Is All Gold Everything, Even Hair!

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This is the time of year that gold starts to peek out around the corners in anticipation for Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The decorations start to go up and women begin thinking about changing their hair color.


This season, according to Cassondra Keading, a celebrity stylist in Los Angeles, the color is: smokey gold. What color is that you may ask? Well, it is the color that blends in the warm tones of blonde and gold and deepens them with espresso tones. Okay, maybe that is not exactly right, so let us just let Keading tell you in her own words. She was recently interviewed by Refinery29 about the trend and she had this to say,

“Most people gravitate to cool colors this time of year, but this take on dark blonde is within the comfort zone because it picks up on ash and espresso tones, just with a subtle gold lift at the face frame and ends. The result is soft and blended โ€” and a gloss finish gives it that gorgeous shine.”

The key to getting this look is the finish. As Kaeding said,

“You can’t go wrong asking for an in-salon gloss, whether it’s clear or colored, a shine gloss will help seal in that smoky golden sheen.”

So, yes, these might be the it colors of the season, but how are they different from all the other blonde tones in the universe. Can we really see the difference? Personally, I am not so certain, and that is where a professional stylist and colorists comes into play. The idea is that each color service is catered to you. Things like color tone, complexion, style wanted and so many other factors need to be considered. That is why sometimes there is a trial and error period, it does not always come out exactly the way you want it to the first time around. Color is difficult, and this is the reason why the likes of Natalie Portman flock to Kaeding’s salon to get their tone just right.

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