These Simple DIY Coasters Will Save You Tons Of Money Because Home Decor Is Freakin’ Expensive!

When I was in my 20s and I was just getting my first real apartment with my entry into the workforce, I had no idea how expensive it would be to decorate it. If I didn’t have my mom, I doubt I would have anything but a bed, a couch and a TV. But because of her, I had rugs, drink coasters, coffee table books, throw pillows, multiple options for bedding, all the kitchen supplies I could ever need and so so so much more! I had all the comforts of my childhood home in my apartment (oh yeah, and she did the same thing for my college dorm, too) and I took it all for granted.

Now that I’m completely on my own and for some reason decided to give all my stuff away — so I could start anew, I had to replace all those things. And outside of getting a furnished place, this would be a feat I would not be able to accomplish, if I were to pay full price for everything.

When you find out a throw pillow is $50, and a couch can be thousands, you quickly realize that your budget is a lot more constricting than you knew. That’s why sites like Copy Cat Chic came about, trying to show people how to economically create the home you actually want to live in, with all the details and fixings. So taking a page from Reichel, the creator of the Copy Cat Chic website, we have found a way to bring in a little bit of the decor we love within the restrains of our smallish budget. You can end up spending upwards of $20 – $50 or more on really nice coasters, so why not try and make them for so much less!

Although many of us are like the woman in the meme above, it is always fun and inspiring to get fresh ideas and bank them for later. We have included two cork coaster DIY video tutorials, below, that you can watch and try out on your own!

DIY Geometric Coasters

DIY Painted Cork Coasters


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