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5-Year-Old Amputee Fearlessly Climbs Rock Wall

This strong little girl was born with multiple medical conditions but is letting nothing stand in her way of happiness


When Kenasyn Bird was born 5 years ago, her mom started calling her little daughter her “warrior baby.”

Although Kenasyn had a rough start in life, she’s not letting anything hold her back. The little girl was born with multiple physical issues, but she’s overcoming every hurdle life throws her way.

Kenasyn has four older brothers and sisters. When her mom, Candi, was 25 weeks pregnant with Kenasyn, doctors discovered that the little girl’s ultrasound was showing some abnormalities.

When she was born, the delivery doctor realized that Kenasyn had malformations of her leg and spine. The little girl was diagnosed with caudal regression syndrome and tibiala hememilia, both extremely rare conditions.


Not long after being born, Kenasyn had to undergo multiple surgeries, including the amputation of her left leg.

Now, the almost-5-year-old is an inspiration to everyone who’s a part of her life. She fights her medical challenges on a daily basis and still maintains an optimistic attitude and a smile on her face.

Not long ago, Kenasyn’s parents shared a video of the little girl climbing a rock wall with her new prosthetic leg. She makes it clear she indeed is a little warrior and that nothing’s going to stop her!

To follow her story, check out the Facebook page “Run Kenasyn, Run,” where her mom Candi posts videos and updates on the little girl’s health.


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