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Magic Mike Live: “Acrobatic Strip Tease Spectacular”

Channing Tatum, director of Magic Mike Live, talks about choreographing the hot Vegas performance


After 2015’s Magic Mike XXL, questions started being raised regarding when a third movie in the series would be released.

Thankfully, there’s Magic Mike Live. The live performance at Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is quickly gaining popularity. Basically, the show involves hot guys dancing with very little clothing. Channing Tatum is the director. According to their website, “the show features sexy and daring themed dance and strip routines punctuated by one of a kind acts from a wildly diverse cast of performers. Magic Mike Las Vegas is a sizzling 360 degree dance and acrobatic strip tease spectacular guaranteed to bring on the heat.”

Tatum got together with the choreographers of Magic Mike – Allison Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, and Luke Broadlick – and created a shoe that, as Channing puts it, “actually worships women and makes them go, ‘This is our night.’”


Co-director Allison adds, “We’re trying to give women as much as we can through this show – romantic, sexy, and funny moments.”

Channing says it was a lot more difficult that he expected to figure out the choreography. He says with a laugh, “Imagine Allison and me doing yoga moves on top of each other trying to figure out choreography. Like, ‘Can you put your butt more on my ear?’”

Allison says it took a lot of creative thinking as well. She adds, “We asked ourselves, ‘What do women want?’ It’s a complicated answer!”

Although we all know Channing has crazy skill when it comes to the dance floor, he humbly states, “I can dance a little, but these guys are the best dancers in the world.”

Fans are wondering whether or not the original Magic Mike will make an appearance on the show. Channing says about a possible guest appearance, “If I’m ever in shape on these guys’ level again, the first thing I’m gonna do is run to Vegas. I’m dying to get back out there and go a little crazy.”


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