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People Can’t Believe This Power Tumbler’s Incredible Skills

Angel Rice holds the Guinness World Record for Most Double Twists in One Minute: You won’t believe what you’re seeing


Angel Rice is shocking people all over the world with her insane gymnastic skills. Although she’s been an athlete for years, her Instagram is just now starting to go viral. And people can’t believe what they’re seeing.

Check out just one of her many incredible videos:

Angel is a two-time World Cheerleading Champion and a member of the USA Gymnastics National Power Tumbling Team. She was named World Cheerleading Champion both in 2012 and 2015, and has also won multiple National Championship titles as an all-star cheerleader. When she competed at Power Tumbling Worlds in 2015, she ranked 9th in the entire world.

Additionally, Angel has also been named “Athlete of the Games” for The All-Star Games three years in a row. The All-Star Games celebrates “the aerial arts,” and features categories such as Team Cheerleading, Solo Cheerleading, Power Tumbling, and Extreme Tumbling.


Angel even has a petition to make power tumbling an official Olympic sport.Thanks to social media, Rice is quickly gaining attention for her incredible talent. On her Instagram, she’s gained over 339,000 followers and that number continues to increase daily. On one video she posted, one fan commented about how she’s seen the video before but thought it was edited due to the fact that it doesn’t even seem humanly possible.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard💯

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Angel posts as a caption for another video, “So the last video I posted you saw me falling! No big deal. I got up and finished my training! I’m tough as nails I will not let one little fall break me! I learned from my mistake and I got up and did it again! I will be a little sore in the morning, but oh well. Tumbling is my Life.”

Angel has recently appeared on the Steve Harvey Show as well as the Today Show, and holds the current Guinness World Record for Most Double Twists in One Minute. She’s the proud owner of “Halo Elite,” a gym in Gainsville, Georgia where young aspiring athletes can receive expert coaching. Additionally, Angel travels all throughout the country to mentor young gymnasts through tumbling clinics.

You can check out her Instagram here!


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