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Army Veteran Who Tied Her Service Dog To Tree And Shot It Commits Suicide

Marinna Rollins, charged with animal cruelty, was found dead Sunday morning of an apparent suicide


Police in North Carolina are investigating the possible suicide of an Army veteran who recently posted to Facebook a graphic video of herself shooting her service dog and laughing.

The Fayetteville Police Department has announced that they believe 23-year-old Marinna Rollins killed herself. Her body was found Sunday at around 3am by friends, who immediately called police. Police declined to reveal what evidence has been found.

Last month, Rollins and her boyfriend, Jarren Heng, 25, were charged with cruelty to animals. On April 16, the couple tied Rollins’ service dog to a tree in a wooded area and shot it with a rifle numerous times. The video was later posted to Facebook.

Rollins was found dead just nine days before she was scheduled to appear in court.

Court documents show that Rollins retired from the Army in January due to medical issues. It was discovered that she struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in South Korea.


The dog was originally adopted by Rollins’ ex-husband, Matt Dyer. Dyer says he left the dog, Huey, behind with Rollins before being deployed for a year.

“I felt like her having to take care of Huey would be good for her and would be good for Huey,” Dyer said.

While Dyer was deployed, Rollins had the dog certified as an emotional support dog.

Rollins can be heard laughing in the video and then asking Heng if he could shoot the dog as well. Rollins then drags the dog’s body around the wooded area and buries him in a shallow grave.

When Animal Control officers approached the couple about the killing, they said they killed the dog because he cost too much to feed and he had some health issues.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office and Cumberland County Animal Control have revealed that they have found multiple videos of the killing as well as text messages between the couple about it.


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