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This Black Lemonade May Look Strange, But It’s Delicious and Healthy

Activated charcoal whitens teeth, removes toxins from the body, prevents hangovers, slows down aging, and more!


On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a cold glass of lemonade.

Besides traditional lemonade, the drink also comes in a variety of flavors. Raspberry, strawberry, and even aloe Vera lemonade have all become pretty popular over the years. But the most unique may be this strange black lemonade that’s caught the internet’s attention.

Although it looks a little odd, it’s actually delicious and healthy. The secret ingredient, which is what gives the drink its black color, is charcoal!

Jen, the creator of this charcoal lemonade, posted the ingredients on Instructables with the explanation, “Black lemonade is a quick and simple recipe requiring just a few ingredients. You probably have most of them in your kitchen already…except the charcoal.”


All you need is the juice of one lemon, 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal, stevia or other sweetener, water, and ice.

Jen explains further about the benefits of charcoal:

“Black lemonade is a refreshing drink that gets its black color from activated charcoal.

“Activated charcoal has many health benefits including: preventing hangovers, whitening teeth, anti-aging, and removing toxins from the body. It works by bonding to toxins which get carried out of the body through elimination. 

“It is important to drink enough water when taking activated charcoal. Some of you may ask ‘Why not just take the capsule instead of mixing it in a drink?’

“I do this simply so I know that I am consuming enough water to circulate the charcoal well enough in my system. Plus, since activaed charcoal has no flavor, the lemonade is delicious!”


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