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A Black Wonder Woman is Coming to the Big Screen

Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia, will star in a DC Comics big screen film and Twitter fans can’t contain their excitement


With Black Panther coming out in February of next year, fans are pretty hyped about Wonder Woman’s twin sister, Nubia.

According to the DC Comics lore, Nubia was made in 1973 from the same clay that was used to make Diana. The only difference was that hers was black.

Nubia was created by the goddess Aphrodite. The backstory gets a bit crazy. At birth, Nubia was stolen by Mars, the god of war. He trained her to master the practice of hand-to-hand combat. When she was introduced in Wonder Woman Vol. 1#204, she Beat Diana in battle but stopped fighting when she met her sister at sword point.


In the latest DC edition, Nubia portrays the Wonder Woman of Earth-23. But aside from having superpowers, she also served as the sole guardian of the River Styx, which depicts hell, and Floating Island, which is a community of all men.

Twitter is already pretty demanding that Nubia gets a role on the big screen. Some Twitter users are getting extreme – a few have already planned directing and casting roles. One suggestion was the Serena Williams play the lead, with Ava DuVernay directing. Others suggested Angela Bassett as the lead. Clearly, there are lots of people excited to hit the big screen.

Last month, much to Twitter users’ delight, it was announced that the movie actually would happen!

Lately, DC has been battling at the box office with Marvel Studies. The Averngers universe movies, which began in 2008 with Iron Man, have given Marvel mainstream success.

But with the Nubia movie in the not-so-far future, Marvel is sure to have some challenging competition!


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