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Brooklyn’s Fourth Annual Curlfest Celebrates Natural Beauty

‘Curlfest was founded on the idea of you all needing to be celebrated’


This past Saturday at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, #BlackGirlMagic was abound!

Thousands of black women attended the fourth annual Curlfest, which is the country’s largest natural beauty festival.

And these women have some serious style. Check out some of our favorite looks below – from waist-length braids to crowns to ornamental butterflies.



The annual festival is sponsored by the five women of Curly Girl Collective. Curly Group Collective is a marketing group specializing in multicultural beauty. Their goal is to celebrate women all around the world by appreciating their natural looks.

Tracey Coleman, the director of events at Curlfest, stated in a press conference, “Curlfest was founded on the idea of you all needing to be celebrated. If you look around, and you see images of beauty, they don’t necessarily look like us.”

When Coleman was asked about the natural hair movement, she said, “The great thing about the movement now is that barrier is being broken down; there’s no good hair and there’s no bad hair. Healthy hair is what’s good, so that’s what we’re here to promote.”


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