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You Can Now Buy Rihanna’s Newest Releases From Her Fenty PUMA 2017 Collection

The collection’s style is ‘as if Marie Antoinette went to the gym’


Not so long after Rihanna’s last shoe release, she’s back to with another drop from her Fenty PUMA 2017 spring/summer collection.

The collection, inspired by Marie Antoinette, ranges from headwear to sneakers to cozy apparel. At Paris Fashion Night back in March, Rihanna first presented her collection at the Bibliotheque National de France.

Before the show, Rihanna explained why the collection is her favorite yet. “There’s a lot of simple things and then a lot of complicated, more exaggerated pieces that combine really well together,” she said. “That’s my favorite thing to do. I’ve never been in love with a collection more than this one.”

As far as clothing goes, Rihanna has released three slim-fit Sleeveless Cropped Crew Necks which are sure to be a hit as the weather continues to warm up.


“When I was in school, it was always my dream to be able to dress up in whatever I wanted,” she said in a statement. “But in Barbados it was mandatory to wear a school uniform, so I had so much fun this season creating these back-to-school inspired looks, and I’m honored to present the collection in such a majestic national monument.”

She’s also created a lineup of satin caps, front-lacing hoodies, hockey tees, ruffle backpacks, and even an embroidered lace durag.

Priced at around €44 to 68 EUR, Rihanna’s new gear is now available through select retailers.

Rihanna described the collection’s style by saying, “as if Marie Antoinette went to the gym!” Pastel streetwear with embellishments like bows make up the bulk of the collection.


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