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This Conversation Between Dog and Baby Will Melt Your Heart

Just two buddies watching TV and chatting: it’s the simple things in life


Let’s face it, two of the cutest things in the world are babies and dogs. And there’s nothing better than relaxing with a friend, enjoying the small things in life.

This cute video has recently gone viral, and it’s easy to see why people think it’s so adorable. The video begins with a baby and a large dog lying together on a bed.

The two of them seem to be just relaxing and watching TV, when the baby starts to whine and babble. The dog seemingly responds, letting out a loud, friendly howl. The baby continues to make noise, and the dog howls and barks back.


The two have continue this back-and-forth “conversation” for the remainder of the video. Every time the 4-month-old baby makes the slightest noise, the dog does the same, and vice-versa.

Too adorable! It’s the little things that make life great. What do you think these two cuties are talking about? One thing is sure, these two are going to be lifelong buds.


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