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Here’s a short roundup of all the current news in fashion, entertainment, and beauty. We’ve got it all covered for you. Check it out:

Harry Styles recently got a new tattoo. Last week, Styles was caught wearing a short sleeve shirt in public which revealed his new tat. The tattoo reads “Jackson” in cursive. Jackson is Style’s godson and the son of Cal Aurand, a former One Direction photographer. At The Graham Norton Show, Harry confirmed that the tattoo was indeed for his godson.

You’re going to start seeing Steven Alan a lot more. One of Soho’s very first retail pioneers, Alan has told the BoF (Business of Fashion) that he’s going to be focusing his energy on creating his own label rather than managing a multi-brand store. He recently closed stores in both Chicago and Brooklyn, but this is the beginning of something new for him.


This guide to social media vocabulary is pretty awesome. This A-Z guide on the essential terms and buzzwords to know when marketing on social media is super helpful for anyone trying to get their name or their brand out there. It’s time to get schooled! You can read the guide here.

The Harper’s Bazaar images were projected onto the Empire State Building. Earlier this week, both Haper’s Bazaar and Tiffany & Co. projected huge images onto the Empire State Building. The projections spanned 42 stories and covered 15 decades of fashion’s most iconic moments.

This essay about female body hair is a must read. This article talks about societal pressure when it comes to females and body hair removal. Society sends a clear message that women should be hair-free and completely smooth all the time, but recently there have been some women standing against that expectation and putting down the razor. You can check it out here.



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