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Delta Airlines Sued for $10 Million due to Groping and Masturabation on Flight

Drunken man behaves inappropriately with woman who is now suing the airlines


According to MLive, Rhonda Costigan is suing Delta for $10 million after an incident while on a flight from Myrtle Beach, SC to Detroit, MI in July 2016. Ms. Costigan reports that a man named Christopher Finkley groped her and behaved inappropriately while intoxicated aboard the flight.  Costigan claims Finkley left his assigned seat and positioned himself in the seat next to her.

She claims he rubbed her thighs and tried to place his hand up her shorts. Allegedly, flight crew was aware of this incident and did nothing to stop him while Costigan sat “frozen in terror,” as MLive reports she described in a press conference on Tuesday.

Costigan’s attorney, Jerry Acker, says, “What they should’ve done, after they found out he’s masturbating and exposing himself in first class and the stewardess went to the cabin and told the pilot, who radioed ahead to call the police. They should’ve taken the flight attendants and monitored that man and not allowed that predator to run through the cabin.”


MLive reports that Finkley continued to masturbate upon returning to his seat for landing preparations. CBS reports that Finkley told FBI agents that touching himself is his “happy place.” Finkley originally claimed that the zipper of his shorts must have malfunctioned until additional passengers confirmed that they had witnessed him openly masturbating.

CBS reports that Costigan was offered $2,500 in travel vouchers by the airline as compensation.  Finkley reportedly was jailed for a week in March and given a fine for indecent exposure and simple assault, MLive reports.

Delta’s statement on the incident reads that “The safety and security of our customers and employees is always Delta’s top priority.”


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