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Did Malia Obama Get Caught Smoking Pot At Lollapalooza?


Malia Obama won’t be able to roll her way out of this one.

In a video that emerged on the Radar Online last Wednesday, the 18-year-old first child was caught smoking what looks like a joint at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last month.

In the 9-second clip, the elder child of President Obama can be seen in the background puffing away on the ‘cigarette’ amongst her dancing friends as a young girl in the foreground of the video dances and sticks her tongue out.

According to the website, eyewitness claimed that Obama was smoking pot.

Watch it here.


Her commander-in-chief dad admitted in his memoir to smoking pot and using “a little blow” in high school and college.

Marijuana was recently decriminalized in the state of Illinois – where Malia was allegedly caught smoking with State Gov. Bruce Rauner signing a bill into law this month that removed criminal penalties for people found in possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana.


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