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Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill, “B.B,” Becomes The Furry Face of Change




Seeing dogs who are abused, abandoned, or neglected by their owners is heartbreaking. Animal abuse is a huge problem in today’s society, and what’s equally as heartbreaking is seeing dogs in puppy mills, crammed into small spaces and existing only for the purpose of being bred.

For those who don’t know, puppy mills are breeding farms for puppies. These are typically dogs that can be sold at a high price, such as purebred Maltese or English Bulldogs. These puppy mills have an awful reputation and are infamous for mistreatment, terrible dirty conditions, and neglectful owners.

These dogs are bred over and over again for the sake of profit. Widespread illness often is spread throughout mills, and puppies die every day without any compassion from their “owners.”

The puppies that survive are usually taken away from their moms way too early, and are shipped to large-scale pet stores such as Petland.


The Humane Society of the United States, along with numerous other organizations, are constantly working to shut down puppy mills and save the sometimes hundreds of dogs who are held there.

In September of last year, one of these organizations raided a puppy mill near Charlotte, North Carolina.

What they discovered was horrifying.

During the raid, they were able to save over 150 dogs and puppies. Additionally, they rescued goats and cats that were living on the property.

One of the rescued dogs was a sweet pup named B.B., who since has found a loving home and is surrounded by affection.

Up until the raid, B.B. had lived her whole life in a tiny cage. When she was finally able to go outside and run around, she couldn’t contain her joy. She now lives a happy, healthy life far away from the conditions she was once so accustomed to.

Check out her precious story below.

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Deshauna Barbe Is Challenging Society’s Beauty Standards




Deshauna Barbe spent her childhood moving from army base to army base. Born into a military family, Deshauna joined the military at 17 years old.

At the time, Deshauna had no idea that she would be the first woman in the country to win the title of MissUSA while on active duty.

Deshauna entered the pageant world at 19 years old. Over the next few years, she make a name for herself in the beauty queen scene while simultaneously serving in the U.S. Army. She also completed her MSc in Computer Information Systems at the University of Maryland. On top of all that, she was serving as an IT Analyst for the U.S. Department of Commerce.

She wants to let the world know that beauty is meant to be celebrated in all of its diverse forms. And although we’ve come a long way, we still have a ways to go. Deshauna is proving that women can fight for their country and look good in a swimsuit at the same time. She did a lot of work with soldiers who suffered from PTSD.


In an interview, Deshauna said, “In the past I have been very hard on myself about certain parts of my body, but I try to always remind myself that I was given this body and to remain positive.”

And her views on beauty are awesome:

“Beauty to me means more than something physical, and it’s definitely represented internally. I think beauty is about the way you treat others, being a humble and kind person that respects everyone. I think that really represents beauty.”

She says she enjoys the fact that she can show how multifaceted women are – there is both a tough side and a feminine side within us. Hopefully society will continue to challenge its beauty ideals by showing forms of beauty that aren’t necessarily considered ‘mainstream.’

Deshauna plans to continue serving as an inspiration to women all over the world.

“I hope to continue what I am doing to help impact people around the world — particularly young girls and women,” she says. “I plan to never stop working to positively impact their lives by motivating them to always follow their dreams.”

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Model Recreates Famous Fashion Campaigns to Send a Sobering Message to the Modeling Industry




Deddeh Howard is a 27-year-old model, fashion blogger, and medical student who lives in Los Angeles but is from Liberia.

Although Howard has an incredibly successful modeling career, she says she knows that there is a lack of diversity in many of the largest campaigns throughout the world.

In an attempt to create more diversity, Howard collaborated with her boyfriend Raffael Dickreuter, a photographer, to re-create some of the most famous modeling campaigns, such as Victoria’s Secret and Dolce & Gabbanna.

Howard has been accused by some of trying to minimize the significance of the models whose photos she recreated. She wants to make it clear that this is not her intention.

“It’s not going against [the models],” Howard told Cosmopolitan. “I’m not saying I’m more beautiful than them. I’m just saying if they can do it, I can do it.”

“I thought it was perfect because we are mirroring two images” Howard said. “When you [black women] look in the mirror you question: ‘This could be me, why is this not me?’”


“Agencies would often tell me, ‘We like your look but there’s a black girl already,’” she said. “It shouldn’t be limited to just one black girl; there can be more than one!”

“It’s as if the agencies are ashamed to represent diversity. It’s very painful and it made me feel insecure and bad of myself.”

The series, titled Black Mirror, took about three months to create.Howard’s goal is to send a message to black models that they deserve to be at the forefront of campaigns just as much as everyone else does.

“There are many beautiful black models and they are not represented the way they should be,” she said.

Howard says she’s blown away by the amount of support she’s revived:

“I’ll be honest, I’ve just broken down crying since yesterday. It’s been so unbelievable,” she told Cosmopolitan. “Girls are sending me emails about them being rejected by agencies. Asian girls, black girls, Hispanic girls. It’s unbelievable that people have felt the exact same way […] I’m so grateful for everybody.”

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This Cancer Survivor Tosses Her Wig Instead of Bouquet at Wedding




This is one of the bravest and most beautiful wedding moments I’ve seen in a long time.

Jamie Steinborn and her fiancé John got married on Friday, May 12.

For the past 16 months, Jamie has been battling cervical cancer. Needless to say, it’s been a rough year, so the wedding came as particularly special day for the couple.

At Firefly Gardens in Texas, where the reception was help, Jamie had her bridesmaids, friends, and family gather behind her for the bouquet toss.

As she counted down from three, guests prepared to scramble for the bouquet. However, they were shocked when Jamie ripped off her wig and flung it behind her head instead.

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she said. “Yes, it was my wedding day and yes, I wore a wig, but I feel just as blessed and beautiful bald-headed.”


The mother of four added, “To me a bald head shows courage, the will to fight, the will to not let anything get you down.”

First diagnosed in January of 2016, although the news was devastating, it led to her meeting John.

The morning of the wedding, Jamie says she went to breakfast with a friend and joked about tossing the wig.”

She says, “I looked at my friend and told her, ‘You know what? I think I am going to do this when it is time.’”

“Through all of what is going on, I continue to put a smile on my face and fight the fight,” she adds. “Cancer is not funny at all but I try and joke about the situation. Counting down I was nervous, but when I said ‘three’ I went for it. I want people like me who are fighting the fight to remember that no matter how his or her life is dealt, God has you in the palm of his hands and that being optimistic is the key.”

Check out the video to see how well-received her stunt was by her guests.


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