Founder of Black Travel Company Hopes to Change The Way the World Views International Travelers

‘…to take you from wherever you are – to a discovery of your inner explorer’


Zim Ugochukwe, born in Makata, Minnestoa, is the founder and CEO of Travel Noire, an award-winning travel company for people of color. Born to two Nigerian immigrants, Ugochukwe currently resides in Chicago.

Travel Noire reaches 2 million people per month.

Ugochukwe, a Glamour Magazine award-winning entrepreneur, has lived in cities all throughout the country and has traveled through 90 percent of Africa. Because of her passion for traveling, she is seeking to change the way people view international travelers, forever.

Over the years, the Travel Noire community has grown tremendously. But lately, something’s been bugging me. . Instead of sorting through other people’s photos and stories (including, ahem, mine) and posting them online, we wanted to build something to share the how. . How did those people get to those places? How'd they learn the language? How'd they move abroad. Light bulb: we need to start talking about the how. . We wanted to build a resource that would provide curated content, tailored to the type of traveler you are right now — utter newbie, solo traveler, an expat working abroad, a city mouse exploring more remote locales for the first time, an expert traveler wanting to share your story — and everyone in between. . We had four different launch dates, but we put off every one of them because we knew we could do better. . We hired a team of 20 developers to help us build Compass from scratch + @krissdidit who killed all the design. And here we are. One year later. Welcome to the world, Compass!

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The website consists of black individuals living all over the world. These people live in big cities, the remote countryside, the mountains, on boats, and basically anywhere else you can imagine. Their job is to share their love of exploration with the customer, hoping to inspire them to travel.

The digital publishing platform is full of all kinds of helpful tools and resources.

Resources within the website include Compass, which is a comprehensive digital learning community; and Travel Noire Experiences, which users can read international experiences posted by others.

On the website, you’ll find a huge variety of articles with topics ranging from cool places to eat at in Montreal, to tips for studying abroad, to weekend road trip guides.

Travel Noire has been featured by the Daily Beast, the Atlantic, CBS This Morning, NPR, Yahoo, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post.

The site refers to itself as “the the most comprehensive end-to-end resource for unconventional travelers,” with one goal in mind – “to take you from wherever you are–to a discovery of your inner explorer.”

It’s clear that Ugochukwe is doing an awesome job with Travel Noire and has become a role model for women who are striving to become entrepreneurs. You can check out Ugochukwe’s Instagram here.


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