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The Internet is Criticizing this Artists for Letting her 5-Year-Old Use Makeup

‘I was really shocked to receive such cruel comments’


Makeup artist Courtney McCutcheon is mother to 5-year-old Molly. When Molly stated to become interested in makeup, Courtney was more than willing to let her daughter experiment.

Courtney records elaborate makeup tutorial videos and posts them to YouTube. Her videos have included a huge variety of looks – from Halloween party makeup to the classic smoky eye evening makeup.

While Courtney’s videos look to be too elaborate and complex for many adults, Molly has already mastered the art.

Courtney explains that her daughter loves art and that makeup, to her, was another way of painting and drawing.

One comment on her Instagram video said, “Trying to make your child look like an adult is disgusting. She has her whole life to do makeup, why do it at this age?”

“She is way too young. This makes me feel uncomfortable. She looks awful,” said another.

Courtney didn’t waste any time responding to the unapproving comments.


“I was really shocked to receive such cruel comments,” she said.  “[A comment] said that I should die for letting them play with make-up and accused me of child abuse.”

“Molly loves to wear make-up but she also knows that she doesn’t need it to be pretty,” she said. “I don’t think there’s any harm in young girls wearing makeup, just as long as they know they are beautiful without it. I won’t be allowing them out of the house with full makeup on until they’re mature young ladies”

Courtney’s thinks it should be okay for anyone to wear makeup as long as they don’t get their self-confidence from it.

“For now, both of my girls just like to play with it for fun. They have been brought up not to judge others and I can only hope that internet trolls can learn to do the same,” she said.



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