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Khoudia Diop Opens Up About Self-Acceptance, Bullying, and Her Beauty Routine

This Instagram model has some empowering advice for women all over the world


Beautiful model Khoudia Diop currently has over 440K followers on her Instagram. She hasn’t racked up this fan base just because of her good looks though. Diop has a passion for inspiring young women to be themselves and to pay no attention to society’s beauty standards.

Diop stated to Elite Daily, “I feel it’s important to empower young women. They consume media that can make them feel inadequate or less than physically. I was so excited to work with Icelandic Glacial and tell the world that it’s okay to be who you are. To be authentic and love it.”

Go, girl!

Diop has no problem embracing herself who who she is. She’s open about her past and the hardships she’s gone through. Instead of letting them get her down, she uses them as oppurtunities to grow. She talks openly about how she used to wake up in the morning and immediately think about how bad she wished she could change the color of her skin. She’s now come to love her skin color, her personality, and her flaws. She loves the genuine, real woman she is.


On the topic of bullies, Diop says, “Ignore them like it’s your job. Because, who the heck are they to judge YOU in any way, shape, or form?” She’s all about authenticity and empowerment. Embracing what makes you unique is the ultimate form of empowerment.

When Diop finally began to accept herself and embrace who she is, she says she started to feel free from the things that once haunted her. What an amazing accomplishment. She wants to help other girls around the world who lack self-confidence to ignore the haters and start to practice self-love, something that so many women in today’s society never achieve.

As you can tell from her Instagram photos, Diop’s complexion is near perfect. She emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated, using cleansing wipes, and applying shea butter for healthy skin. Although she’s all about keeping her skin healthy and flawless looking, she doesn’t put any emphasis on external beauty. It’s what’s inside that matters!


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