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Miracle Dog Survives 15 STORY PLUNGE From US Apartment Building


A Florida pooch is counting her lucky starts after surviving a fall from the air conditioning vent of a 16th story apartment.

Susie the four year old Maltipoo astonished Dr. Spencer L Ratnoff, the emergency vet who maintained that her lack of internal bleeding or broken bones was “nothing short of a miracle.”

Img via CNN
Img via CNN

The scene of the incredible 15 story fall.

The 15 story fall occurred on Friday evening when Susie and her owner Elaine Caralis were visiting a neighbour in their Fort Lauderdale high rise complex. Like any curious pup, Susie immediately caught a scent upon entering the apartment and followed her nose into an open closet.

That’s when things took a turn for the worst…

Susie walked straight into an exhaust shaft which is believed to have been missing a ventilation panel that would usually cover the gap. When they realised what had happened, the ladies immediately called Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, though they expected the worst.

After assessing the situation, Susie was found alive and trapped in the vent on the second floor. The rescue mission took a huge three hours and involved emergency responders cutting holes above and below her position to try and reach the traumatised pup.

“We eventually managed to get close enough to the pup to remove her from the shaft before she could fall any further” recalls Timothy Heiser of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.


Susie-news-storyThe rescue mission in full swing.

Susie’s owner was overjoyed with the result and couldn’t thank the emergency services enough for their heroic response.

“I don’t have children so Susie is my life, Susie is my family” gushed 68-year-old Caralis to CNN reporters.

Upon her rescue, Susie was immediately rushed to Oakland Park Animal Hospital where she was officially confirmed as a miracle dog!

susie-news-story-2Susie’s owner gives a big thumbs up to the fire department!

“I’m thinking 15 stories, there are going to be multiple fractures, severe internal injuries or worse,” said Dr. Spencer L Ratnoff. “I was worried it might need to be euthanized.”

Yet despite the epic fall, Susie is set to make a full recovery. We’re just hoping the neighbour has sealed up their air vent by now!

susie the miracle dog

Susie is safe and sound after her 15 story fall.

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