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Newest Nail Trend: Marijuana Manicures

Nail artist Traceylee creates unconventional manicure: Snoop Dogg and a (lit!) blunt!


We all know that there’s constantly strange beauty trends going viral on the internet, but this is one that no one saw coming.

The latest trend? Smoking nail art. Literally, nail art that smokes.

Nail artist Traceylee recently experimented with the idea, creating a tiny sketch of Snoop Dogg with a hug blunt protruding from the surface of the nail. Yes, a lit blunt. The internet went crazy. Her video gained over 5.7 million views, and Snoop himself even re-posted it to his Instagram account.

Traceylee has also used the same technique with a sketch of Jimi Hendrix.

She talks about the process of creating the unconventional nail art:

“I basically just found an image of him on Google. Ever since I was young, I’ve had this ability where I can re-create any image on a piece of paper. On a nail it takes me a little longer to get the scale right, so from concept to finish it probably took about eight hours. I sketched it out in pencil first on the nail, and then I used a fine-tipped marker instead of polish. I sprayed it with a polyurethane first, then topped it with a high-shine topcoat.”


She says the blunt itself was a lot trickier to create:

I created the blunt using typical rolling papers. I had to get the scale right; you have to think about how small that was. So it was really hard to get the circle to stay closed. I wound up using like hot glue gun to seal that closed just because it’s so small. And then I just cut it to a smaller size and I used the hot glue gun to stick it to the nail.”

The artist says that when Snoop himself re-posted her work, she was screaming “Oh my gosh!”

She excitedly expresses that she’s “dying” to do Snoop’s nails:

“He’s on my bucket list; I’m dying to do his nails. I work with so many celebrities, so it’s not even a celebrity thing. I just think he’s cool as hell. And I’ve loved him for 20-plus years. It’s kind of one of those geeky fan moments.”

What do you think of Traceylee’s nail art? Cool or weird? Or both? Let us know in the comments below!


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