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Nicki Minaj Pays Full College Tuition for her Twitter Followers

Minaj asks followers to show her their grades, then pays their tuition and student loan debts


Nicki Minaj is making a huge difference in the lives of some of her Twitter followers. Minaj is known to be a strong advocate for higher education and working hard in school, but no one saw this coming.

On Saturday, one of Nicki’s followers jokingly asked her if she wanted to pay his tuition for him. The celeb gave an unexpected answer. While most stars would have dismissed the request, Nicki saw it as an opportunity to show her fans how much she cares about them.

Minaj posted to Twitter, letting her followers know she’ll assist any straight-A students with the costs of college.

Nicki received thousands of tweets from college students all over the world. Fans started posting pictures of their grades, showing off their 4.0 report cards and begging the 34-year-old celeb to help them.


She replied to at least 20 different people publicly, asking them to message her with their information so she could set up some payments to help with books, tuition, and student loan debts.


She even paid for a state-of-the-art camera that a student needed for a photography project. When the student told her how much the camera cost, she responded, ‘That’s it? I’ll send it tomorrow. DM me your bank info babe. Next!’

After the storm of Twitter posts, Nicki posted, “Ok you guys. It’s been fun. Let me make those payments tomorrow then see if I have any money left (laughing emoji). I’ll do some more in a month or two.”

We think it’s amazing how much Nicki is willing to give back to fans. It’s not uncommon for her to use Twitter as a platform to converse with fans and show her appreciation, but this took her generosity to a whole new level!


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