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Pit Bull Bait Dog With Deep Wounds Returns Love To Saviours – Heartbreaking

How Love Works


If you google search ‘pit bull bait dog rescue’, your heart will break in pieces. There are so many heartbreaking stories out there of these beautiful dogs being used and abused by terrible people.

This story however, is one that inspires hope against all odds and will move you as you watch what a bit of real love can do to a soul that has been tormented for years.


This poor pup, feared being hit by a car was found on the side of the road, thought dead. Upon closer inspection they found him severely injured with deep, infected and life threatening wounds which turned out to be the tell tale signs of dog fighting. But guardian angel, Tia with her team came to the rescue by rushing him to the vet and saving his life. Your heart will melt when you see his reaction after being cared for! We salute Tia and her rescue team for this act of love.

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