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Police Raid Home, Find Dog Starving to Death

Cocker Spaniel is found starving and struggling to walk with 4 pounds of matted fur, then vets completely transform her


In Queen Creek, Arizona, police raided a home and found something they never expected. As they entered the home with their flashlights and badges, they witnessed the heartbreaking sight and knew they had to help.

A Cocker Spaniel, clearly in bad shape, struggled to sluggishly walk towards the officers. The 12-year-old dog’s fur was completely matted and she was slowly starving to death in the house.

The police quickly took the dog away from the horrible conditions she was living in and helped to give her a second chance at life.

They brought the dog to the Palm Glen Animal Hospital where a multitude of veterinarians checked over her health. The team of animal-lovers decided to name the dog Lillie. The first thing they noticed about Lillie was her extremely matted fur. They started to cut the long fur, transforming Lillie into a healthier and happier dog.

But their work didn’t stop there. They still needed to get Lillie properly nourished and spend time with her so she could learn to trust humans again. After showing Lillie the love and compassion all animals deserve, she made a total transformation.


Today, Lillie is able to walk on her own without pain. She’s nourished, happy, and loves to be around people. Now that the police and animal hospital employees have done their part, Lillie waits patiently to find a forever home.

Share this story if you consider the police and hospital staff to be heroes. Help Lillie find her forever home and live out the rest of her life happy, loved, and carefree.

Check out the video below to see the Cocker Spaniel’s incredible transformation. She looks like a completely new dog, and she probably feels like one too.



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