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Replacing Pads and Tampons with Menstrual Panties

‘And no, they don’t feel like diapers, and it’s not like sitting in your own blood. Boom’


Menstrual panties are now a thing: underwear that can be used in place of pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

So far, they’ve received great reviews. Thinx, the most popular menstrual panties brand, has a goal to “empower girls and provide safe spaces for women to talk about their health.

Thinx carries multiple styles of panties, a few types of activewear, as well as some tampons and merchandise. Their panties range between $24 and $39.

They essentially work by absorbing blood. They wick the blood away from your body, so it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting in blood (as many people wonder).

On the Thinx website, it says, “Thinx is made up of four bits of tech that makes ‘em anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant.”


Essentially, this means: “The top layer fights bacteria and absorbs any liquid into the über thin layer right beneath it, so you always stay dry (and fly, obvi).”

They add: “And no, they don’t feel like diapers, and it’s not like sitting in your own blood. Boom.”

Each different style of underwear can hold different amounts of blood (from half a tampon to two tampons’ worth). The majority of the styles come in either a black or a nude version. Some styles come in different colors as well.

They are machine-washable – you just have to rinse them in cold water, run them through the washing machine, and allow them to air-dry. They do take a while to dry due to the consistency of the material.

Have you ever tried period-proof underwear? Do you think you ever would?



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