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Could “Skin Gritting” Be The Answer To Flawless Skin?

People all over the world are getting crazy results from this blackhead removal method


When it comes to blackheads, many dermatologists recommend to just leave them alone rather than pick and pop them. However, most of us find this difficult to do and want to continue searching for the best method of eradicating blackheads.

This is where the new concept of “skin gritting” comes in.

Skin gritting originated in Reddit’s SkincareAddiction forum, and it’s comprised of three steps: cleansing with an oil, using a clay mask and then doing an oil cleanse again.

The first oil cleanse removes any leftover makeup or product that you may have on your skin, giving the clay mask a clean, blank canvas to work out. The clay mask then draws out any blackheads or sebaceous filaments, bringing them to the surface of the skin. After the mask is washed off, the second oil cleanse dislodges those clogged pores and leaves your skin glowing and blackhead free.

Check out these photos. Skin gritting is quickly becoming a widespread trend and people all over the world are posting photos of their results.



However, there’s been some discussion that “skin grits” are not actually blackheads. Many people seem to think that they may be comprised of dead skin cells, makeup, and residue leftover from products.

Speaking to Refinery 29, dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi says that they may be legit. “Clay is known to have the ability to grab the debris and then lift it out of pores,” Dr. Tanzi said. “But people with sensitive skin should be very careful with this type of treatment, since the combination of clay (which can be drying) and rigorous exfoliation could be way too irritating.”

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, agrees. He says, “Cleansing with an oil cleanser can help gently remove dirt, while applying a clay mask can help further remove debris and oil from within the pores. Washing again with an oil cleanser afterward may help the cleanser penetrate deeper into the pore for a greater cleanse. So long as you’re not overly scrubbing your skin, this method isn’t harmful. I can’t say for sure it will be tremendously more effective than a single cleanse and mask, but there is little downside besides the extra time and product being used on your face.”


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