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Solange Knowles Writes Empowering Letter to her Younger Self in Teen Vogue

‘You go into your room, lock the door, put on music, and you do not move for 8 hours straight’


Solange Piaget Knowles, songwriter, activist, model, and actress, has used her recent appearance on the cover of Teen Vogue as an opportunity to write a beautiful letter to her younger self.

Rather than the typical profile, she decided to take some time to reflect on where she’s been and where she plans to go in life.

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Solange writes to a younger version of herself, warning of the tragedies and hard times she will experience later in life:

“You will lose your best friend whom you love so much to gun violence in a single moment, and give birth to a new one within a year. Because you have your mama’s blood, you are fiercely independent and outgoing. You’ve been starting petitions, building tree houses, and starting clubs since as long as you can remember.”

She continues:

“Sometimes in the midst of juggling all this, you put a lot of pressure on yourself and often crash and burn. You shut down. You go into your room, lock the door, put on music, and you do not move for 8 hours straight. It will feel like the heaviest and bleakest darkness you can possibly feel, and when you ask everyone to leave you alone and let you be, what you really want to say is ‘I want you here’ and ‘I need help.’”

With the release of her 2016 album, A Seat at the Table, Solange touches on political issues and the difficulties of being black in America. The album has a bit of a feminist tone to it as well, and almost immediately after released it became a Billboard No. 1 album.

Solange, younger sister of Beyoncé, has recently emerged as a strong influential voice of our generation. Fans have been blown away with her powerful lyrics and we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for her.


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