Taylor Swift Is No Longer Single and Fans Are Freaking Out

Swift has reportedly kept her current relationship a secret for months now


According to People Magazine, Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend.

British actor Joe Alywn is said to be dating the blond beauty.

Elite Daily reached out for comments from both Swift and Alwyn’s reps, but never heard back.

Swift is currently renting a house in North London and trying to stay off the radar as much as possible. She reportedly even wears wigs when she’s out and about in order to keep her new relationship a secret.

Alywn is 26 years old, which is young considering Swift’s prior love interests. Her past two boyfriends, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris, were 36 and 33 years old.

Last year, Alwyn’s career took off thanks to his breakthrough role in “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.” The film featured other famous celebs as well, including Kristen Stewart and Vin Diesel.

Alwyn will also star in the upcoming films “Keepers,” a psychological thriller, as well as “The Favourite,” a romantic comedy featuring Emma Stone.


This new Swift-Alwyn relationship has apparently been going on for several months, and fans are a bit shocked that they’re just now finding out.

Last year, fans learned of Swift and Hiddleston’s relationship almost immediately after the couple got together. And then of course, there were the infamous paparazzi shots of the two of them kissing.

Her relationship with Hiddleston, which came after a breakup with Clavin Harris in June 2016, ended only a few months later in September. Swift reportedly ended the relationship because she didn’t like the fact that things were so public.

So taking that into account, it’s not very surpassing that Swift wants to keep her current relationship as private as she can.

The internet is freaking out over the news. Now that the news is out, it’s only a matter of time before paparazzi snap some shots of the couple together.


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