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What Do You Think About Menstrual Cups?

Are menstrual cups the future of feminine care?


You may have heard of a menstrual cup. They started gaining popularity about a year ago or so. Many people are a little grossed out by the thought, but most of the reviews online are positive.

A menstrual cup is essentially a replacement for pads and tampons.  The Cleveland Clinic describes a menstrual cup as “flexible cup that is placed inside the vagina during your period to catch menstrual blood.” When you remove the cup from your vagina, it’s supposed to be released into a toilet.

Many of these cups are made of silicone or rubber. Once the flexible cup is in place, it should be leak-free. Unlike pads and tampons, you can go up to 12 hours before having to change your menstrual cup.


According to Diva Cup, a popular menstrual cup brand, it’s “only necessary to replace a menstrual cup if it starts to deteriorate or causes you irritation.” They recommend replacing your cup about once every year.

A randomized controlled trail in 2011 found that about 91 percent of women wearing a menstrual cup said they would continue to use it and recommend it to other women

WebMD reports that some menstrual cups may interfere with an IUD. Therefore, it’s important to talk to your gynecologist first.

Many women find that the menstrual cup is much less expensive and much simpler than having a stockpile of pads and tampons was.

Typically, the main negative comment stated by customers is that the cup can be a bit messy. The care instructions recommend that the best way to clean the menstrual cup is to let it soak in a pot of boiling water for five to ten minutes.

Have you ever given one a try? Or would you?


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