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Tipsy Scoop: Ice Cream That Gets You Buzzed

NYC based ice cream shop offers a huge variety of delicious flavors infused with liquor


A new ice cream shop in New York City is serving boozy ice cream that’s strong enough to get you buzzed. The shop is called “Tipsy Scoop” and they call themselves an ice cream “barlour.” Cute, right?

Melissa Tavss, owner of Tipsy Scoop, started experimenting with alcohol-infused ice cream back when she worked as a publicist for liquor brands. While she started out just for fun, she soon realized that she had a perfected a recipe for ice cream that gets you buzzed. She decided to roll with the idea, and opened Tipsy Scoop in 2014.

At the time, the company was a wholesale retailer and only did catering. Due to the demand and the crazy amount of support she’s received, she decided to open a real psychical store.

“People were coming all the way [to East Harlem] to try [Tipsy Scoop],” she says. “We were in hairnets making ice cream, so that’s when we realized we needed a store.”


The menu consists of delicious cocktail-inspired flavors, including Strawberry Sangria Sorbet, Mango Margarita, Red Velvet Martini, and Tequila Mexican Hot Chocolate.

All flavors of Tipsy Scoop ice cream contain around 5% alcohol, similar to that of a light beer. Of course, you must be over 21 to order the ice cream due to the fact that it contains real liquor. However, there are some virgin options on the menu.

The barlour serves the boozy ice cream in shot glasses rimmed with sprinkles. As an alternative, you can choose an ice cream sandwich or cone bowl.

Although the store just opened on May 7, it’s already attracting thousdands of people and gaining quick attention from social media.

If you don’t live in New York City and you’re super bummed that you won’t be able to try out Tipsy Scoop, don’t worry! Grocery stores around the country are starting to carry it!


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