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Toddler Delivers Baby Lamb

Toddler reaches inside pregnant sheep, leans back with tiny pair of hooves in hands


This little girl kept her composure every step of the way while helping deliver the family sheep’s baby. Most people would be at least a little freaked out during the process, but 3-year-old Lilly Nicholas doesn’t seem to feel even slightly uncomfortable.

Farm life is full of educational moments and learning experiences, and this is one that this little girl is sure to never forget.

Lilly and Rachel were feeding their animals on their Monmouthshire, UK farm one evening when Rachel Nicholas, Lilly’s mother, noticed that one of the ewes was going into labor.

Rachel told Inside Edition, “It was just out of the blue. I said to Lilly, ‘Roll your sleeves up!’”

She says that Lilly felt comfortable enough to deliver the lamb on her own. Little Lilly quickly swept in to save the day and give the sheep a hand (or two).

“What can you feel? Can you feel anything?” her mom, Rachel Nicholas, asks in the video she recorded.


Lilly replies, “I’ve got the lamb’s feet!”

“Pull the feet a bit and see if you can feel the lamb’s nose,” her mom urges.

At this point, Lilly is literally elbows deep. She maintains her composure though, and so does her mom.

“It’s slippery,” Lilly stated.

Her mom offered to take over, questioning whether or not Lilly wanted to continue the delivery.
Seemingly unfazed, Lilly keeps at it. Just a few moments later, she grabs the baby lamb’s tiny hooves.

“I got it!” Lilly proudly announces. The pride and excitement she’s feeling is clear.

This brave little girl clearly has a giant heart. I can’t think of many 3-year-olds who would willingly stick their hands inside a sheep and deliver its baby.

Congratulations, Lilly, and welcome to the world, little lamb!

What do you think of this story? Do you admire this little girl’s bravery?


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