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Twin Sisters, Born 15 Seconds Apart, Give Birth at Same Time

‘We’re best friends. Now our babies are going to be best friends.’


These identical twin sisters have a lot more in common than just being twins. When crazy coincidences like this happen, it’s hard not to think that the universe has huge plans for us all.

Aimee and Ashlee Nelson, born only 15 seconds apart, have experienced strange coincidences all their lives. After all, twins do have a lot in common, and there are lots of theories out there about their abilities to be “in sync” with the other.

For example, the girls’ mom says that on numerous occasions, Aimee and Ashlee would go shopping without the other, only to come back with the same exact items in different colors.

But this next coincidence is on a whole different level.

The twin sisters got pregnant within days of each other, and ended up giving birth just hours apart.

While their family was shocked at the coincidence, Aimee and Ashlee say that they weren’t really all that surprised.

“I found out, what, two days after you did?” Aimee asked, “I started to have the same symptoms as her.”


Aimee and Ashlee learned that they were both expecting two days apart. Their due dates were predicted to be about five days apart, but as fate would have it, the sisters went into labor on the same day.

“We didn’t think it was going to be this close at all,” said Aimee.

“We’re best friends. Now our babies are going to be best friends,” added Ashlee.

Being a mom is a huge challenge, but these sisters lean on each other to support and love. Their babies are sure to grow up more like siblings than cousins!

Check out the video below to watch these girls’ special bond.


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