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UK’s First Sex Doll Brothel to Open Soon

Sex doll company seeks to open sex doll brothel with dolls that “groan when touched”


Europe’s “sex dolls agency,” Lumidolls, is trying to bring the UK its first sex doll brothel.

Seriously. We can’t make this stuff up.

In an email, Lumidolls cleared up a few questions that everyone was probably wondering about. They’ve stated that the brothel “”will be equipped with at least four sexual dolls,” which will “have body temperature and may groan when touched” and will “wait for the customers in their rooms.”

They haven’t yet released a date for when the brothel is expected to open, but Lumidolls is confident that they’re new business venture will be “very well accepted” by customers.

The company opened a very short-lived brothel in Barcelona earlier this year. While it was successful, it only lasted a few months because of the controversy and uproar it created among sex workers.


Customers would pay a whopping $130 per hour to be allowed to choose their doll from a huge lineup. According to the Lumidolls website, the brothel will “allow you to fulfill your fantasies without any limits.”

David Pizarro, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, states his opinion, saying that there’s an aspect of control among men who want to use dolls as sexual partners. He goes on to say, “There’s no lack of male disrespect toward women already, and those might be the men who are most drawn to sex robots.”

“I think we know enough about human psychology that if you can get yourself to mistreat a very lifelike, human-like thing, then it’s probably just good rehearsal to doing that to a real human,” Pizarro added.

A Canadian lawyer with a focus on human rights, Sinziana Gutiu, states that this is only going to “send the message that women are always sexually or ‘romantically’ available, and that ‘consent’ is just a matter of persistence and touching them in the right place.”


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