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Woman Has Brilliant Response to Hurtful Comment About the Color of her Skin

Her reply became viral and is inspiring women all over the world


19-year-old Mimi Mbah from Gaithersburg, Maryland is a college student and aspiring model who has recently experienced some hurtful comments about the color of her skin.

A Twitter page that’s “dedicated to all the beautiful Africans worldwide” shared some of Mbah’s modeling photos. While the photos received a ton of positive comments, they also received some negative ones. One man wrote “If she was lighter, she’d be fire.”

Rather than letting the comment cause her self-esteem to take a blow, she decided to simply tweet back “No thanks, I wouldn’t change my skin color for the world. Still fire though.” Her reply led to a huge amount of positive support from women (and men) all over the world. The tweet gained over 56,000 likes and was retweeted over 20,000 times.


She wasn’t surprised by the rude comment, because she’s seen women all over the internet being shamed for no other reason than their skin color. She told BuzzFeed News, “It’s happened to me before and I think almost every dark skin girl can say the same too.”

Although she wasn’t surprised by it, she says it’s hard to believe that racism is still alive today. She expressed her sadness towards how cruel society can still be.

Mbah says she’s glad that her tweet went viral. She went on to say, “now I feel like I have a platform which I want to use to talk about things like that and give advice to other dark skin women who are going through similar situations and probably blaming themselves for it.”

She wanted to explain why she felt the need to reply to the man’s comment. She says it wasn’t because she felt like she had to have the last word or because she wanted to start an argument. Rather, it was because she “wanted people to see that colorism is still real. It’s nice to know that my confidence could help others.”

Go, girl!


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