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Young Boy Ashamed Of His Vitiligo Meets Dog With The Same Condition And Changes His World


8-year-old Carter Blanchard from Arkansas was diagnosed with vitiligo, a rare skin disorder that causes the loss of skin pigment, in 2014, right around the time he was in Kindergarten.  It was a rough diagnosis for him and his family.  He had a hard time dealing with his condition, and other kids were starting to notice and comment on Carter’s changing skin color.  Discouraged and feeling a little ashamed, Carter didn’t want to attend school and was not keen on accepting his rare skin condition.  Although Carter may have felt alone, his mom wanted to do something to help him feel more at peace about his skin condition.  And that’s where Rowdy the dog comes into the story.

Rowdy also has the same condition.   In fact, he became the spokesperson for a charity and has become an internet celebrity because of it.  Thousands of fans follow Rowdy on social media and tune into his daily lifestyle.  Carter’s mom thought that Rowdy the dog could help her son accept his beautiful skin.  So she sought out the dog’s owners to arrange a meeting.  Rowdy’s owners run a Facebook page dedicated to the pooch and had this to say in a post featuring Carter and Rowdy’s first meeting.

“After becoming digital friends, Carter and his mom had the opportunity to fly to Oregon and have a week filled with fun events with other kids with vitiligo.


All of this was funded by his #RoadToRowdy go-fund-me campaign and a random donation of $5,000 dollars.

Rowdy wants to grow the #RoadToRowdy and give other kids around the world with vitiligo the opportunity to fly to Oregon, meet Rowdy, and take part in a week of fun events.

All of this is possible because of everyone who is touched by his message, and he couldn’t have made it possible without your guys’ help.

The #RoadToRowdy is meant to spread vitiligo awareness while leaving kids with vitiligo feeling special and proud of their uniqueness.

Please share and help Rowdy spread it as much as he can!”

Here is the Facebook post:


To get a little more background on this heartwarming story, and to hear from Carter’s mom, tune into the video below.


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