Even Though I’m A Grown Woman, I Am Still Excited For ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2’

Last year, in August, Netflix released a movie called To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and the women in the world took notice! Every week, every month, Netflix releases new films and TV shows and sometimes those things make big splashes like Birdbox, and other times, they come and go and no one ever notices. Well for all the women I know and many I do not, who expressed their feelings on blogs and publications around the world, we fell instantly in love with the chemistry, the tight production, the ideas expressed, the storyline and just about every single detail related to this film.

Courtesy of Netflix

I mean if I am being honest, I watched it at least four times, and I am not even the target demo. It is labeled as a teen drama, but publications like Cosmopolitan, whose main demographic is in the 18-34Β  year old range, raved about the film and made the leading lady their cover model for its March 2019 issue.

So if you are in that same age range, or older, you are in good company, and may be delighted to find out that there is indeed a sequel, and it will be releasing around Valentine’s day 2020. The exact date is February 12, but with most everyone’s work schedule and movie nights being traditionally on Friday’s, most people will be watching that weekend. And for those of you who like cuddle dates, Valentine’s day lands on the perfect day, a Friday, and just in time to watch the sequel.

Courtesy of Netflix

Although there is not an official trailer yet, Netflix did create a little teaser trailer that also poses as an announcement for the sequel. So to help you get into the spirit of this film, we have included the official adorable announcement Netflix released, below, for your enjoyment. And until February 2020, we will not judge you if you watch the first one over and over again, because we sure did!

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