Madonna Is Being Sued For Being Tardy, Here Are All The Details

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I’ve never been to a Madonna concert, but I would probably have to say, just by all the fanfare, it is most likely an epic experience. From the countless hits, the amazing production, all the best costumes, and more, how could it not be? But one fan, Nate Hollander, was just not able to shrug off the minor detail of her being over 2 hours late! At first glance, this story may seem a little absurd, but once you get all the details, you will understand him a little more.

See, this man planned to attend a Madonna concert in Miami Beach, Florida, and bought three tickets for the event. The total came in at $1,024.95, which is no small sum. To give you perspective, the average rent in Miami Beach, Florida, according to one site, says that the median amount comes in at $2,017.00 a month. When you take that into consideration, these concert tickets cost more than half of one month’s rent in that city. So, they were pretty darn expensive by anyone’s standards, but based on no backlash at that point, Hollander seemed to be content with his purchase. That was until Live Nation decided to change the concert’s start time from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. He knew it would not work for him. The next day, there is work, school and other weekday activities that cannot be missed. With a start time that late, the concert would not be over until after 1am. So he did what any logical person would do, he tried to get a refund. Unfortunately, Live Nation would not refund his money, so he went to the next step. He tried to sell his tickets online, but he could not get the total face value for the tickets, because of the new late start time. That’s when he decided to sue.

According to Today, Madonna’s frequent late appearances have been causing an uproar. Fans are calling it unprofessional and are weighing whether or not it is even worth it to wait. Some fans are absolutely on board and will just get through the tardiness for the chance to see her in person. While others are so fed up that they end up foregoing the refund of their concert tickets and leaving just to get home at a decent hour. These particular concertgoers were not aware of her late arrival until that night as they continued to wait hour after hour. Some probably were not sure she would even show up, so they possibly left out of frustration. At least Hollander was told ahead of time. Although his concert start time changed, it could be said that Live Nation did a good thing by updating the schedule. One thing they may not have anticipated was a lawsuit to result. A way to have easily fixed this is to give refunds to fans that requested them. Or Live Nation could have refunded the ticket prices in credit towards a future concert and then resold the tickets on their own back channels. There could have been a lot of solutions, but unfortunately, none became available before the suit.

One thing Madonna should keep in mind is that a lot of the fans that grew up with her are now adults who have regular jobs, schedules and must make arrangements with babysitters. It is difficult for them to be out at all hours of the night, especially when two of those hours are waiting for her to show up. This same thing happened at a concert at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas. In response to her lateness, she posted the following video.

With a production like Madame X, I’m pretty sure fans would be upset if Madonna put on a show less than spectacular. So, yes, she’s a little tardy, but some might argue she has earned it.

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