13 Women, Who Make $20K to $550K A Year, Spill On How Often They Buy Clothes

via Warner Bros.

If we reference HBO’s “Sex and the City,” we know that our favorite main character Carrie Bradshaw struggled early on to make ends meet. She survived on a writer’s salary and made almost no money at first while writing for the fictional newspaper the The New York Star. Somehow, with so little money coming in, she was able to go out what seemed to be nightly and buy $600 – $1000 pairs of shoes and fantastic designer clothes.

She became an icon based on her lifestyle and many women have followed suite on some level. Movies like “Confessions of a Shopaholic” starring Β Isla Fisher, have tried to highlight this culture to help shine a light on this issue. Credit card debt, next to student loans, can be one of the highest expenses for women who shop too often and make too little.

To help gain some perspective, Glamour Magazine anonymously interviewed 13 New York women who make differing amounts of money. Some women made well under $50,000 a year (as little as $20,000 a year) while the highest paid woman surveyed made $550,000 a year. It is very interesting to see how women view their shopping habits and very eye opening to see how often each one shops, based on their salaries. Take special notice to the captions at the top right. Each one adds the woman’s age and occupation. Now although there aren’t many Carrie Bradshaw types in the video, it is nice to see what everyone buys to gain a purview of how they spend their money.

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