6 No Makeup Makeup Tutorials That Will Have Everyone Thinking “You Woke Up Like This!”

via YouTube / Vogue

With all the makeup tutorials out there, it is so easy to get lost in all the contouring, eyeshadows and everything else. But what happens if you’re looking for that barely there look? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are six no makeup makeup tutorials that will give you that “I woke up like this” flex!

The No Makeup Makeup Tutorial By Briana Moniqué

To start, we’ll go with Briana Moniqué’s gorgeous no makeup makeup look. She goes through her entire routine in about five minutes, beginning with how to get that gorgeous glow! Watch as she takes you step-by-step, giving you all her secrets and techniques to get her natural look!

The Go-To, Everyday, Super Easy No Makeup Look By Eman

Next, we dig into Eman’s everyday look. The goal is to create a natural effortless appearance. As with Briana Moniqué’s tutorial, Eman also starts with a good foundation. After all, to look great with barely there makeup your skin has to start with a good base!

Chloe Morello’s Ultimate “I’M NOT WEARING MAKEUP” Makeup!

This look is what Chloe Morello calls the “I’m not wearing makeup” look. The key is to make it look like you have a bare face, when in fact, you have done what is needed to cover up any blemishes and make your skin glow as if it naturally radiates light. Watch below as she takes you through all of her secret tips!

Jess Beauty’s Korean Natural Radiant Makeup

Jess is a beauty vlogger who found herself inspired by the no makeup looks she saw while traveling in Korea. She calls this her “Korean natural radiant makeup” look. She begins her tutorial with moisturizing her lips. Watch closely because she has a few other secret tidbits you’ll want to incorporate today!

Taylor Hill’s Natural Effervescence Makeup Look!

This look was named by Vogue, which is why it has such a great ring to it! Taylor Hill is a Victoria’s Secret model who is known for her lashes and gorgeous brows, among other things. In this video, she shows us just how she gets that effervescent look, make sure to take notes!

Priyanka’s Natural Glowy Makeup No Makeup Look

Priyanka is a newer not so famous beauty vlogger who can get her no makeup look in five minutes! Watch below as she takes you through her routine. Make sure to listen up for her budget conscious tips!

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