Don’t Just Ask Your Significant Other ‘How Was Your Day,’ Ask These 14 Questions Instead!

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The most important part of any and every relationship is communication. It is unlikely that you would ever find a relationship expert who would tell you otherwise. But sometimes it can be difficult to get your significant other to open up. Questions like “how was your day,” or “what are you thinking,” don’t always cut it, especially if you are looking for answers more than “fine” or “nothing.” So, how do you know what to ask? Well, the key is to pose open ended questions. These types of questions require the person to be thoughtful on some level. Their answers will require some thought and will inspire them to open up more. After all, the main goal of dating is to gather as much information about the person to see if you both make good life partners. At least that’s the end goal. Minimally, a friendship is hoped to be created and the best friendships are built on honesty, trust, openness, vulnerability, and communication. The questions we collected below will not guarantee that you get there, but they will definitely help you along the way.

1. What does your dream vacation home look like?
2. What Makes You Feel Alive?
3. What Makes You Feel Most Confident?
4. Describe One Of Your Most Embarrassing Stories.
5. Who Are The Most Influential People In Your Life?
6. What Is Your Love Language? What Makes You Feel Most Loved?
7. What Is One Of Your Fondest Childhood Memories?
8. What Is One Of Your Worst Childhood Memories?
9. Which Family Member Are You Closest To?
10. What Are Some Of Your Guilty Pleasures?
11. What’s On Your Bucket List?
12. Where Would You Like To Go On Your Next Vacation?
13. If Money Was Not An Issue, What Would Your Life Goals Be?
14. If Anything You Touched Succeeded, What Would You Want To Do; What Would Your Dream Career Be? Or Would You Not Work?

When you want to get closer to your significant other, these are excellent questions ask. They really make people open up and talk about something that is inconsequential to whether or not your relationship works out. For instance, a lot of times guys can get tense when their significant other asks them about their future as a couple. So instead of every question being about the relationship itself, these types of questions ask about the individual’s desires, hopes, dreams, background and more. Even though the questions are focused on the individual, the answers can help bring the two people closer together, because they allow each person to get to know the other better.

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