Shay Mitchell Takes Us Through Her Beauty Secrets + Her Gold Boob Mask You’ll Want To Try TODAY!

We’re all about self-care, self-love and anything that helps you face the world as your best self. So when we realized that Shay Mitchell was sharing her beauty secrets, in the form of her skincare routine, we had to share it here. One of our favorite things to do is learn about other’s skincare regimens and Shay Mitchell is no different.

When she finds herself in other countries, she zeros in on their beauty secrets and tries to adapt them for herself. Recently, she went to Japan and learned about the chin mask. Now it is very much a part of her beauty routine.  Watch below as she takes us through her lengthy 50 + step skincare regimen.  And make sure to pay close attention, even though she concentrates on her face, she has an extra golden secret she uses for her breasts!

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