10 Ways To Make You Actually Look Forward To Mondays, And Yes, We’re Serious, It’s Totally Possible!

As we’re curling up in front of the TV to watch our favorite HBO Sunday night shows, it hits us. The next day is the dreaded Monday, the start of the workweek. But what if we flipped it, what if we made Mondays a day that we actually look forward to, instead of a day we dread? Yes, we know. We thought it was impossible, too. But then we found quite a few articles talking about this very same topic. So we dug in, and guess what? It is absolutely possible to eliminate those Monday blues. Here’s how.

1. Plan something amazing on Mondays – treat yourself!


The easiest way to look forward to Mondays is to schedule something that you actually look forward to on Mondays. That may seem way too simple, but, it is just that – super simple, and absolutely straight forward. It is the easiest way to solve Monday blues.

2. Don’t schedule anything crazy stressful on Mondays


If you have to, block out your calendar as busy. This way, you can keep your schedule clear for things you actually want to do. Of course, sometimes, there’s no way around it. For instance, I used to work at a company that had status meetings on Mondays with top executives. So instead of being stressed out about it, add something that would make it enjoyable. This could be anything. You could plan a coffee run right beforehand. Now, you can sip a little delight throughout the meeting. Another way to liven up the party is to  bring in pastries or treats for it. Or maybe you can schedule a coffee date right afterwards with someone special. There are so many great and easy ways to make meetings something to look forward to, if you connect them with something you actually enjoy.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep on Sunday nights


A great way to look forward to Mondays, is to not be totally drained from the night before. Make sure to get enough sleep. Of course, the recommended hours of sleep is at least seven, but if you usually need more, go for 8 hours, plus! This will feel like a reset for the week and hopefully, you’ll wake up ready to tackle the day. A shortcut to feeling this way is to drink a glass of water right when you wake up. It is a simple trick that will help you feel hydrated, which in turn is a great way to start the day!

4. Create A Monday Ritual You Love


Start Monday off right with something you love to do. If a certain breakfast sandwich at a restaurant is your jam, plan to get that special treat on Mondays. It will give you something to look forward to, but make sure it’s something you isolate for just that day. This way you keep it special and sacred, just for Mondays. Of course, feel free to change out the treat, so it doesn’t become mundane.

If you are more into fitness, schedule a class with that amazing instructor, doing that routine you love. This will get your endorphins up! But make sure it’s an activity you love and not one you dread, or it will defeat the purpose. If beauty is more your thing, schedule a short spa treatment like a facial or pedicure. When you add something you enjoy to your day, that day automatically becomes a good day. Try this out with something you love to do, and see your Mondays transform!

5. Plan to have that meeting off-site or in a new location


A change of scenery can have an amazing effect on our mood. Instead of having meetings in the conference room, try having a lunch or dinner meeting instead. If it’s not too serious, you can even meet over appetizers at your favorite happy hour spot. Alcohol doesn’t have to be involved. Have your favorite latte or maybe even dessert. There are so many ways to change things up, try it and see if it helps change up your Monday mood.

6. Tidy up your place on Sunday nights


There is some truth to “messy bed, messy head.” So why not help create a little bit of peace. Make sure things are straightened on Sunday night. The future Monday you will thank you for it. Also, throw in making your bed on Monday (and every) morning! It is a little 5 minute activity that can help position your day for excellence! Oh, and if you need a little help keeping your place in order, read this to help you stay organized!

7. Take a look at the week ahead before the week ahead


Simply put, make sure you plan ahead. See that there are no surprises that sneak up on you. We can’t control everything, but knowing how the week is expected to go will give you a leg up, starting on Mondays. Do this on Friday, after work, or Sunday, at some point. This will help you feel ahead of schedule come Monday morning. It will feel like a fresh start because you are prepared. It’s like the saying says, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail (Benjamin Franklin).”

8. Tell yourself “tomorrow is Monday” on Sundays


It is important to see things as they are – so we don’t build them up to be more threatening than they deserve. Post pandemic, everyone is a little more sensitive to work related stress. Employers now see there are more ways than one to get a job done. In fact, they are seeing that some employees are more productive working at home than they are in the office. So, as far as Mondays are concerned, gone are the days where culture accepted Mondays as stressful. Instead, it is a challenge to discover how to make them more peaceful.

One way to do this is to simply change your mindset. Start by stating that tomorrow is Monday, on Sundays, thereby preparing yourself that it is just another day. Think about how you’ve lived through thousands of Mondays, and you survived just fine – and this Monday will be no different. Take the threatening power away from Mondays and reclaim it as another day to get you through your week. Think of it as a way to position your week. Challenge yourself to make Mondays a day you look forward to, by using some of the tips in this article. Soon, Monday blues will be a thing of the past.

9. Wear something new


Remember when we used to go back to school shopping? It was the greatest feeling in the world – showing up to a new school year with something new. Whether it was a new fit, or a brand new Trapper Keeper, part of the appeal was showing it off, literally. Bring back some of that excitement. Wear something new on Mondays. It doesn’t have to be clothes, it could be a bag, or even a new fragrance. Just jazz up the day with something fresh and exciting. Spice up your week, it will help you look forward to Monday.

10. Do some online shopping


We do not encourage overspending. In fact, we are definitely pro-budget. When it is within our means, and it doesn’t put us in a bad position (financially or otherwise), we like to get ourselves something nice from time to time. There is just something about ordering things online. It can be an instant mood booster. Plus, it gives us something to look forward to, especially if it gets delivered in the same week. In fact, if you’re a real planner, order something that will be delivered on Monday.


Bottom line:  whatever you do, just put something enjoyable. Schedule it in on Mondays, and soon, you’ll start to look forward to them. After awhile, you’ll completely eliminate your Monday blues altogether!


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