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5 Simple Things You Can Do IMMEDIATELY To Up Your Health And Wellness Game!

via YouTube / Dr Mona Vand

We’ve all heard the phrase health is wealth. And nowadays, coming off a pandemic, and so much craziness, it is more important than ever. We are all starting to pay a little more attention to it. Even companies are taking employees’ needs more to heart.

No matter where we are on our health journey, we can always find ways to improve. Dr. Mona Vand takes us through 5 simple ways we can incorporate healthier habits into our daily lives to improve our wellness. They are so easy, and we can start doing them immediately!

1. We can add greens to every meal

2. Instead of taking a hot shower, we can take an ice cold one

3. Start replacing items in our homes more frequently, like kitchen sponges, toothbrushes, loofahs, etc.

4. Incorporate intermittent fasting

5. Start a tongue scraping regiment

And as a bonus:  start managing stress better

Watch below to see just how Dr. Mona suggests layering these ideas into our daily lives! To health, wellness and everything in between!

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