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6 Workout Hacks That Will Help You ACTUALLY Workout

Working out consistently is definitely the ideal situation for all of us. We can all agree there. Getting our heart rates up, burning some calories and getting our sweat on all have so many benefits. According to experts, regularly working out can have a number of great gains. For instance, working out:

  1. Helps us feel happier
  2. Aids with weight loss
  3. Has huge benefits for our muscles and bones
  4. Helps us increase our energy levels
  5. Reduces the risk of chronic disease
  6. Helps repair skin cells
  7. Aids in brain health and memory retention
  8. Helps us with relaxation
  9. Increases the quality of our sleep
  10. Helps reduce pain
  11. And finally, it can help promote better sex by boosting our sex drive

So, why do we have such a hard time getting ourselves to actually workout, consistently. Well, if you’re like us, we have good weeks and we have bad weeks. Sometimes we’re on top of our workouts. While other times we are not. Our motivation for staying fit can change based on so many factors. And having a few tricks up our sleeves (that help us get over that lack of motivation hump) can be extremely helpful.

Here are some of the top hacks and tricks to help us workout more frequently. It’s all about how we position it to ourselves.

1. Make a playlist that lasts the length of your workout

Instead of watching the clock, waiting for that moment when you can stop your workout, play a perfectly (or approximately) timed playlist. The best way to structure it is to add your favorite songs. But make sure they are up beat enough to keep you motivated throughout your workout. Hearing music you like will help keep you more focused on the workout, and less zeroed in on the clock. In fact, you may forget about the time all together!

2. Sleep in your workout clothes

If you don’t know this, it might be advantageous to you. Sports are 90 percent mental and only 10% physical. That means if we’re having difficulty working out, it has everything to do with our mindset. If we can get to the mat or treadmill or gym or wherever/whatever, that is half the battle. Getting up from the bed, couch, or whatnot is the hard work. So finding shortcuts to limit the number of decisions we have to make to get to the workout can be hugely helpful. If we sleep in our workout clothes, it is one less thing we have to worry about. In fact, you’re already ready for it. You’re dressed and now it is top of mind. And if we have our socks already in our shoes, or we sleep in those too, we can just grab them on our way out to work out.

3. Break up your workout

It can be difficult to look forward to a long arduous workout, like walking on the treadmill for an hour. But if you take that workout and you break it up into smaller spurts, it might be easier to convince yourself to do it. Try doing a ten minute workouts a few times a day, instead of one long one. One way to accomplish this is by taking a short walk outside. Not only will you get the benefits of walking, but you’ll also get some fresh air. It’s a great way to break up your day, as well.

4. Start your day with your workout

It has been shown that if we do the hardest thing on our to-do list before tackling the easier tasks, we are more likely to actually get it done. This is true with work, but can also be applied to exercising. If you get it done before your day gets crazy, it doesn’t give us room to make up an excuse.

5. Always have workout clothes with you

Aside from sleeping in your workout clothes, always having workout clothes with you is a really great way to ensure you’ll always be prepared. Instead of having to go home and get them, you’ll be able to throw them on, if a workout opportunity ever presents itself. For instance, a friend or co-worker could want to meet up for a drink, but maybe you instead decide to walk around the park. You’ll be able to take advantage of that easily. Or if a workout class is available in whatever area you’re in, you’ll be able to hit it up with no problem, because you’re prepared.

6. Lastly, pick a workout you ACTUALLY look forward to

If you are always dreading working out, it might be the workout itself that you are apprehensive about. Maybe try creating some variety. You can look into something as exotic as pole dancing, or something a little more tame like Zumba. You could also take a dance class. Whatever you can do to move your body is a plus. So try thinking outside the box. If you live by water, try kayaking or sailing classes. The world is our oyster and there are so many things at our fingertips. We just have to have the imagination and the adventurous spirit to try something new!

If you need even more ideas, try watching this video, below!


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