Going To A Wedding? Try This Simple Hair Technique!

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Wedding season is here and we are so delighted! Now that everything is opening back up post-pandemic, people can’t wait to be seen. And one of the best places to show off is at a place where you can wear your Sunday’s best, (and drink cocktails while doing it ????). There are a lot of decisions that go into your outfit — your makeup, your clothes, your shoes and of course your hair. We think we’ve found an amazing fix for that, especially if you have medium to long hair. Hey, if you don’t, feel free to add a little more in order to get to your desired length.

We recently came across Breanna’s page on Instagram and fell in love with her hairstyles. She has such a knack for hair tips and tricks that save TONS of time and look absolutely beautiful. This is one of her go-to styles for an elegant summer look.

Check it out below!

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