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Olive Oil: Why Is It So Healthy + 7 Amazing Benefits

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We are huge advocates of olive oil. It is our go-to in the kitchen. Olive oil has so many benefits, but when you’re choosing yours, make sure that you pick extra virgin olive oil. Also ensure it is a high quality version. This the best way to take advantage of the potential benefits. It has the retains the most antioxidants and bioactive compounds that bring about powerful benefits. Don’t forget to read the ingredients list to check for its quality.

Why Olive Oil: What Are The Benefits?

Olive oil is glorious, at least in our opinion. It can be used for cooking, skincare, haircare and more! It is our favorite oil by far, but here are the reasons why. Oh, and please remember, we are talking about extra virgin olive oil, it’s the best kind for the benefits listed below!

1. It Has Antioxidants For Days, The Powerful Ones, The Kinds That Reduce Risks For Chronic Diseases!
2. It Is Amazingly Rich In Fats, The Healthy Kinds!
3. Those Healthy Fats And Rich Powerful Antioxidants Reduce Inflammation!
4. The Properties That Reduce Inflammation May Prevent Strokes, Heart Disease, Type Two Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, And Can Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis!
5. It Can Even Help Reduce The Risk Of The Big C, Cancer, Because The Antioxidants Reduce The Damage Of Free Radicals!
6. It Can Also Kill Bad Bacteria With Its Antibacterial Properties!
7. And Finally (This May Be Our Favorite One), It May Aide Weightless (When Used In Moderation, And With A Mediterranean Based Diet)!

What’s the takeaway?

Olive oil has tons of antioxidants and antibacterial properties that can aid body functions and overall health. This is all true when you live a healthy lifestyle and stay on top of your health with your healthcare professionals. This of course, is just a guide. Make sure that you go to your health care team and ensure they are on board with any new health regiment you want to add. Everyone is different and so is every body. Make sure to figure out what works best for you, before trying anything new.

Looking For Ways To Use Olive Oil Instead Of Butter, Try These Recipes: One Savory And One Sweet!

Bread Dipping Oil:
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Olive Oil Cookie Bars
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